The Benefits of White Label Printing and Trade Print

The Print Hive Benefits of White Label Printing

You’ve spent many hours of blood, sweat and tears designing and fine tweaking your own or your client’s brand. Now comes the risky bit of promoting it and getting it out there – but what if you don’t have your own printing facility, or to save time you need it to go straight to the customer? That’s where white label printing comes in…

What is white label printing?

White label printing is essentially the service of printing things such as posters, business stationarystickerst shirts etc, but rather than being delivered to you to then pass onto the client causing a delay, it’s sent direct to them, without any of the printers contact details either on the packaging or order notifications. The client will naturally just assume that it’s come straight from you – perfect!

Saves time

Picture the scenario – you’re fast approaching a really important deadline and you need to get the artwork finished for those posters you’ve been working on. You’ve only got a few days before they need to be at the client. Have you got time to order them at the printers, have them delivered to you, to then either manually take them to the customer yourself, or worse still, ship them again? Of course not. Sending them direct from the printers to the client is a far quicker, and economical way of doing things.


As well as saving time and stress, white label printing also saves on cost. If you’re just starting up a new design business, you don’t need to worry about the eye-watering costs of buying printing machinery – that’s all taken care of at the printers.

The cost of the very latest in printers can run into thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. Fortunately, here at the Print Hive, we’ve got all the very best printing solutions to cover all your needs, so all you need to worry about is sending us the artwork on time.

Offer your customers more products

One of the other main benefits of white label printing is the ability to offer your customers a wide range of printed products. If your chosen printer offers Canvas Prints (like we do ;)), then boom, you can offer your customers canvas prints too!

Imagine if you needed to buy all the equipment required to print outdoor banners and flags? Not only would you need very large pockets, but a considerable amount of space to house the machine too. Let the printers worry about that side of things and concentrate on your customers, your design and getting it to them on time.

Offer your customers greater quantities

You’ve just bagged a new client and they’ve just signed off that artwork, but they want 10,000 A4 posters – eek! No problem for us here at the Print Hive. Let us worry about all the quantities as we’re geared up for that, and can dispatch these quickly, direct to the customer and without any branding….and relax.

Trade printing

If you’re in the trade and want to offer all the benefits of white label printing to your customers, and plan to order regularly, you can apply with us for a trade account. Having a trade account entitles you to discounts on a range of products, which you can then pass on to your customers – everyone wins.

At the Print Hive we can offer both white label printing and offer trade discounts. If you’d like to find out more and how we can work together, give us a bell on 01934 70 70 50 and we can have a chat.


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