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Label and Sticker Printing Opportunities

When it comes to printing, there are many things that can be achieved. From large exhibition stands through to custom-made banners, branded business stationery through to promotional posters, printing opens the door to a whole wide world of opportunities.

When talking strictly about stickers and labels, you’d think that the opportunities for printing really weren’t that great. This is where you can think again.


Labels are funny little things. For all they are generally quite small, you’d think the options for label printing would be fairly limited, but they aren’t.

Label printing may be required for several reasons, both domestically and commercially. We have listed some of the key reasons why labels might be needed below:

  • Organisational purposes – colours labels can be used to keep things organised, making it easy for staff to find important documents from within a large pile.
  • Price purposes – price labels can be used to make customers aware of how much something is. They play an important role in retail.
  • Informative/food – information labels can be used to provide information about a product’s origin, the manufacturer, shelf-life and disposal. These types of labels are popular in the food sector where products come and go relatively quick. Barcode and discount labels are also fairly popular in the food industry to highlight reductions in price and ensure the tills can recognise the discount.
  • Warning – hazardous products such as poisonous substances or flammable liquids will often have warning labels attached to advise people to take extra care.

Labels can also be seen and used in the mailing industry, textile industry, for security purposes and quite commonly in packaging. Labels provide a solid way of clearly identifying assets, meaning they are also quite often needed in industrial/military type environments.


Stickers are similar to labels in the way they are made. They are generally quite small and provide users with an easy way of distinguishing items and making things more clear/visible.

Stickers are also popularly used in the food and retail industries, although can also be used for:

  • Promotional Purposes – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter stickers are as popular as ever, providing businesses owners with a low-cost way of encouraging their customers to find them on social media.
  • Rewarding Children – Reward stickers, such as stars, thumbs up stickers and ticks are excellent for schools or home use where incentive schemes can be put in place to encourage children to behave better and work for rewards.

How can we help?

The Print Hive offer a range of printing opportunities for stickers and labels, which we have clearly outlined above. Whatever your needs are for sticker printers or label printers in Weston Super Mare or Somerset, we’d encourage you to get in touch and ask for a quote. We can talk to you about the different options, the printing process, turnaround times and can process your order over the phone.


A: If you would like to see some samples of the work we can do, get in touch with The Print Hive and we can arrange for some sticker samples to be sent out to you.

A: 10, 50, 100, 1000, 10,000… the choice is yours. There is no minimum or maximum number of stickers that you can order.

A: The Print Hive strive to offer the fasted turnarounds possible. If you order early enough in the day, we can quite often offer same day turnarounds. It all depends on the size of the project at hand, so it’s best to ask us how long your particular project will take to complete.