The Print Hive offer a complete bespoke digital wallpaper printing service.

Whether company branding for an office space, detailed roadmap wallpaper for an estate agents or simply a colourful mural for a nursery or playroom. With an array of options such as paste-up or self-adhesive, paper or fabric backed, we can work with you to find the perfect option to suit your space and budget. Get in touch today for a free quote.

  • Transform A Space With Custom Printed Wallpaper
  • Your Own Or Stock Library Images Available
  • Sign Makers, Designers, Architects & Interior Display Specialists
  • A-Z Licensed Map Printing For Estate Agents
  • Paste-up & Self-adhesive Options
  • Range Of Textures And Finishes
  • Printed Samples Available

Opportunities for Printed Wallpaper

Digital wallpaper provides a spectrum of opportunities for businesses looking to market in new and exciting ways. It can also be used for purposes un-related to marketing, such as in schools or nurseries and even at home.

Digital wall coverings allow you to get creative. If you are struggling to find wallpaper you like, or if you have an amazing idea of what you think would work well as wallpaper, we’d love to hear from you. We can print using a range of textures of finishes and encourage you to contact us with the ideas that you have.


Plain, textured and embossed wallpaper are the three main types when it comes to digital wall coverings. Small defects can be used to create a textured feel or you can opt for an ultra-smooth wallpaper if this is what you’d prefer.


We have listed the 4 main wallpaper options below:

  • Paste-up
  • Self-adhesive
  • Fabric backed
  • Paper Backed

How can we help?

The Print Hive offer a range of printing opportunities for digital wallpaper, which we have looked at above. If you are specifically looking for digital wallpaper printers in Weston Super Mare or Somerset, we can help you moving forward. All you need to do is get in touch and speak to us about prices, processes and turnaround times. We’ll need to get a few details from you, including measurements and ideas for imagery, but this can all be discussed once you have made contact with The Print Hive.


A: To answer this, we’ll need to know the measurements of the wall you wish to cover. From here, we can calculate the number of rolls you’ll need based on the wall space you wish to cover.

A: Your digital wallpaper can be applied to the wall using conventional paste-up methods or using a self-adhesive backing. Once you have your wall-covering it can be applied to your wall space with ease.

A: If you would like to see some samples of the work we can do, get in touch with The Print Hive and we can arrange for some wallpaper samples to be sent out to you.