Our White Ink printing services

Our most recent investment in the new Roland XR-640 enables us to offer white ink printing up to 1.6 metres in width. Jobs that were originally far too fiddly and time consuming weeding an endless amount of single colour vinyl are now easily achieved with printing. Contact The Print Hive for white ink printing in Somerset.

Not only using white ink for stickers and product labels but incorporating it into the production of branded window manifestation, optically clear & static cling window films, creating innovative, highly detailed and ‘stand out’ graphics.

White Ink Printers Weston Super Mare

The Print Hive offer white ink printing solutions throughout Weston Super Mare, Somerset and the surrounding areas, with all services available to customers living in the UK.

What is White Ink Printing good for?

Our white ink printers have been extremely popular since we made the investment, probably because a lot of people have recognised the high-quality finishes that can be achieved using white ink.

White ink printing is excellent for creating stand out materials, and we have listed a few of the key ones below.

White Ink Stickers

White ink printing can be used to create wonderful stickers and labels with a professional finish. Using white ink to produce stickers allows you to be creative with your sticker marketing. Rather than using cream or white stickers, you can use vibrant stickers with white ink print to make sure your stickers look even better.

White Ink Graphics

The same applies to white ink graphics. No more do we have to worry about the colour of the paper underneath taking care of the white/light elements for us. Graphic designs can be much more versatile than ever before, with white on black prints becoming more and more popular as the word spreads like wild fire about white ink printing.

White Ink Large Format Printing

What’s best about white ink printing is how much more can now be achieved with large format printing. We all know that the bigger the print, the more it will stand out from the crowd. Try combining the size of large format with the quality finishes of white ink printing and the results speak for themselves.

Anything else?

White ink printing is especially good for delivering opacity and effects for:

  • White print on coloured stock
  • White on white effects, for subtle/elegant finishes
  • Varying the opacity levels for flexible designs
  • Short run applications
  • Personalised print and variable data items
  • Print for up to 1.6m wide

Our white ink printers are perfect for producing effects for stationery, cards, menus, invites, flyers, direct mail and more!


A: It’s exactly what it says on the tin; it’s white and it’s ink.

Usually, there are 4 colours that contribute to normal printing. These are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK as they are commonly referred to as). These four colours can be used to create every single colour on the spectrum, except for white…

What you have likely been seeing in the past is colourful print on white paper, meaning the white effects are usually quite lacklustre and plain – just like the paper.

A: Adding another print colour to the CMYK process means that you can enjoy all the colours that you usually design with, although you now have more choice of paper stock. White text on black card now be achieved, rather than wasting copious amounts of black ink on white card.

A: The Print Hive will still use the same digital printing technique, only we will add white ink into the CMYK mix. The stock we use won’t necessarily be white now, allowing us to do much more in terms of finishing, designs and effects.

If you are looking for white ink printers in Somerset, contact The Print Hive today to find out more, arrange a consultation or to get a quote.