Green printing from The Print Hive

With the ever conscious need for businesses of all sizes to reduce their carbon footprint and for the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and greener printing, the recent installation of our new 54″ HP Latex printer meets these needs.

Our HP Latex printer is one of the most environmentally friendly printing technologies on the market. Latex ink are water-based & contain no harmful or hazardous solvents, they are completely dry once printed which avoids the need to ‘outgass’ like solvent inks, meaning prints are virtually ready for finishing enabling us to offer even shorter lead-times and same-day printing.

Another benefit of latex technology is that the prints are completely odorless, making them the ideal solution for all types of internal displays, from wallpapers, office & retail graphics, lightbox graphics and paper/vinyl prints.

All of these benefits whilst still maintaining the high quality, durable prints that are expected of us.

To find out more about our new environmentally friendly printing methods, or to discuss an up and coming project, feel free to get in contact with us. Call 01934 707050 or email


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