5 Creative Ideas for Custom Printed Stickers

Custom Cut Stickers The Print Hive Weston-super-Mare

When you hear someone say “sticker”, what do you think of? Maybe those little things you had as a kid and probably plastered all over your wardrobe or school books? Or perhaps just a plain old boring price label? Whatever comes to your mind first, stickers can be a great and inexpensive way to promote your business brand.

Here’s five creative uses for custom printed stickers that you might not have considered…

Car Window Stickers

Ok, so this one might be the most obvious. It’s a classic and easy way to advertise your business whilst out and about. Here at the Print Hive, we can print waterproof decals for use on the outside of the window, or printed onto front-facing adhesive for use inside the window. Inexpensive and people will spot you even when you are on the move.

The Print Hive Custom Stickers
Custom made, custom printed car stickers


A cost-effective solution for weddings can be custom printed stickers – this could be for personalised table placeholders, guest keepsakes or even a ‘save the date’ sticker included in the invitation. Get creative and guests will remember your day for years to come!

Sticker Seals

Another inventive way to use custom printed stickers is a sticker seal. Are you hosting a business event or sending customers a gift? Why not add a touch of class (and promotion!) with a simple sticker seal to grab their attention. You could also add a simple thank you message or promote your social media channels – or better still, drop your company hashtag on there and ask them to post their experience!

The Print Hive Thank You Stickers
Thank You Stickers

Promotional Offers

Stickers can be a fantastic solution to promote temporary offers on already-printed materials, such as leaflets, brochures and flyers. Don’t throw away perfectly good sales collateral – if the core offering in the material is the same, then a simple sticker placed on the front can draw attention to the offer and boost sales!

The Print Hive Promotional Stickers
Print Hive promotional stickers

Event Promotion

Everyone loves a freebie and if you’re hosting or attending an event, a pack of custom printed stickers to go along with your brochure are always a favourite takeaway. Go wild with the design and people are more likely to use them, and they’ll stand out from the crowd.

The Print Hive Promotional Stickers
Event promotion stickers

If you need custom printed stickers, get in touch with us at the Print Hive in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

We can print on a whole host of different materials and can cut them to almost any shape with our Summa F1612 cutter.

Any quantity, any size and any shape!


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