The benefits of digitally printed wall coverings

Printed black and white wallpaper of a park scene

When it comes to designing an interior room, one of the main considerations for most wall coverings is paint or wallpaper. I’m sure you all agree?

When choosing wallpaper, you usually find yourself combing the isles at your local B&Q or Wickes, or trawling site after site online trying to find that perfect design. You can visualise the pattern in your head, but can you find it? Nope.

That’s where one of the main benefits of digitally printed wallpaper and coverings comes into its own – YOU can decide the style. YOU can decide the colour and pattern. No more searching around endlessly.

FESPA (Federation of European Screen Printers Associations) have predicted that the Digital Wallpaper Market is to grow from $2.53 billion to $7.74 billion over the next few years. Digital wallpaper is very much here to stay!

We’ve highlighted a few other reasons why digital wallpapers are so great.

Totally Custom

Everyone loves to be unique and this extends in to how we decorate our homes. Imagine creating your own perfect little space, happy in the knowledge that you’ve made it your own, only to discover that your neighbour or friend has got the exact same wallpaper!

If you had a totally unique and bespoke wall covering that you had designed, there’s next to no chance someone else would have the same design. Nice!

Not only limited to patterns or shapes, digitally printed wallpaper could be any image or photo you like. If you were so inclined, you could have your bathroom walls decorated to look like the inside of the Starship Enterprise – we’re sure Pete from no.8 down the road wouldn’t have that!

Printed black and white wallpaper of a park scene

Unlimited Colours

Unlike off the shelf wallpapers that come in only a range of colours, with digitally printed wallpaper the choice is only limited by your imagination. Got a really unusual cushion or curtains that you want to colour match with? No problem.


One popular reason people often plump for wallpaper over paint, is to cover a wall that isn’t in the best of condition. Digital wallpaper can conceal all those existing imperfections, whilst still giving a fantastic appearance.

Printed wallpaper of Cheddar Gorge put up onto a corner wall

Durable & Safe

Printed using the latest printing technology, digital wall coverings use environmentally friendly inks, so can be used safely in rooms such as nurseries or children’s bedrooms.

Unlike paint that can chip or fade over time, digitally printed wallpaper can stand up to the odd spill or a wipe down with ease.

At The Print Hive we specialise in digital printed wallpapers and coverings, in either traditional paste up wallpaper, where you apply the paste to the back, or self-adhesive for a quick transformation. All of these come in a range of textures and finishes.

Does digitally wallpaper printed sound interesting? Get in touch with us to find out more! The Print Hive is based in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, so feel free to pop in if you are local. If you are not local, don’t let this stop you, we can dispatch wallpaper to anywhere across the UK.


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