Printed Signage Essentials for Reopening Your Business

The Print Hive Social Distancing Stickers

Following the recent announcement from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers are set to reopen on the 4th of July, business owners will now be focusing their efforts on getting ready to open their doors again.

The official guidance document, covers a wide range of aspects that businesses will need to adhere to and one of the key requirements is clear and easy to read signage. All businesses that plan to reopen on the 4th of July will need to follow these guidelines carefully.

So what signs will I need you may be asking? Don’t worry, we’ve been through the official document and highlighted some obvious, and some not so obvious signs that you will need to have in place come the 4th of July.

Social Distancing

This is probably the most obvious but also the most crucial. All businesses will need to have clear guidance on social distancing measures put in place. This can be in the form of;

Floor Stickers

At the Print Hive we have seen huge demand for stickers that can be applied to the floor, and we can print pretty much any shape and size sticker!

The Print Hive Social Distancing Stickers
Our Print Hive Social Distancing Stickers
The Print Hive Social Distancing Stickers

Bollard Coverings and Swing Signs

As well as social distancing stickers inside the premises, businesses will also need visible signage at points of entry.

The Print Hive Social Distancing Bollard Covers

Our printed social distancing bollard covers are perfect for dropping over the top of existing bollards and can be easily branded with company logos etc.Alternatively if you have a swing board or A board, we can print your guidelines onto weatherproof material, which can then simply be slid into position. Easy!

Window Etching and Window Vinyl

For businesses that don’t have bollards, swing boards or A boards, window etching or vinyl is the next best thing. We can print to any size, shape or position to clearly communicate your measures you are putting place and to keep customers updated.

The Print Hive Window Etching & Vinyl

Hygiene Signage

Businesses that employ members of staff will be required to display clear guidance on hand washing, sanitising and surface cleaning measures. Stickers are a great solution for this as they can be positioned in even the smallest of spaces.

Toilets, both for customers and staff, will need appropriate messaging. Again, stickers are an ideal application that can be stuck to doors, windows or the floor. Posters are another cost-effective option that can put up on walls and doors – all of which the Print Hive can design and print for you.

For hand sanitiser stations, either on a stand or fixed to a wall, require clear and concise instructions. A simple and eye-catching sticker would be a great solution to position either on, or next to any sanitisation points.

Changes to Business Operations

All companies have, over the past few months, had to look at how they operate their business. Places that serve food have had to look at offering delivery services, whereas some businesses have had to switch to remote working. Whatever changes you have had to go through, it’s a great idea (and now a requirement!) to communicate this to your customer base. This could be in the form of opening hours, changes to pricing, procedures, alternative contact means, the list goes on…

At the Print Hive we can help you design, print and install any signage requirements you have for any premises, be it a commercial unit, shop window, or even an office door. Whatever message you need to get across, we can help you.

Get in touch with us today to get yourself prepared for reopening your doors.

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